Inhouse Expert Consultants

Lucas A

Lucas has been actively engaged with the ICT, security and payments industries for over 10 years in a variety of roles encompassing management, marketing, business development, and research. Since founding LiquidNexxus in 2009 Lucas has presenter or facilitated events and training sessions in 5 continents to over 9000 delegates. He has worked tirelessly to position LiquidNexxus as a global leader in payment systems, security, and risk training with ongoing partnerships with central banks, interbank settlement systems, banking associations, not-for-profit associations, ATM networks and solution providers. Lucas is currently focused on researching and expanding LiquidNexxus portfolio of training in Payments, Risk, Compliance, Security, and Fraud Prevention. Lucas holds a BsC (Hons) in Computing with Business Management, and is a Certified PCI Internal Security Assessor, and has recently qualified as Certified Payment Card Industry Training Network Trainer for PCI ISA, PCIP and PCIA. He is lead editor and principal author of The ATM Security Training, ATM Forensics Training, and several other LiquidNexxus leading courses.

Harry X

Harry is a business professional with over 12 years of professional experience in Management Consulting, IT and Risk related services; including pragmatic senior management experience within the Banking and Card Payment Services corporate environments. Harry has a “Big 4” background that drives professional attitude, wide spread knowledge to transfer and quality driven results. Harry is currently leading the product and business development of Acquiring Services at RCB Bank, as part of Digital Banking and Remote Channels Business Development. He is the product owner, strategist, and sales executive driving forward new business growth channels in the Payments sector. At RCB, he also served responsible for Information Governance and Security, with a focus also in Risk Management and Compliance .

Previously Harry was an Assistant Vice President and the Group Information Security Officer of FBME Group, providing leadership and management for Group Enterprise Security. Within the Group he was also a member of the Senior Management Team and Executive Committee of a Payment and Electronic Money Institution that offered issuing, acquiring and processing services with the card payment schemes VISA and Mastercard. Prior to that, Harry worked as a Manager at KPMG Advisory, under the Performance & Technology and Risk & Compliance practice; as well as at Deloitte in the USA and Cyprus for Enterprise Risk Services,

Mikko A

MA has been working with information security since 2003. He has vast experience in telecom security, technical information security and business driven security as well as risk management. He has experience in delivering for demanding organizations and working on 5 different continents. Mikko holds certifications such as CISSP, PCIP, PCI ISA and ITIL and he is a former PCI QSA. He has worked with several verticals, which include Telco/Mobile Operators, Oil & Gas Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Hospitality and Financial Companies performing ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Assessments. Delivery of cost efficient high quality GAP Assessments and remediation support has been perfected over the years. He is the lead trainer for LiquidNexxus for PCI DSS certification training and ATM Security. He has experience in project management, consulting, technical tasks such as debugging code and system hardening as well as process development and optimization, HR consulting and Organizational improvement. Mikko can interface with technical people as well as top management providing right level of information to the audience every time. Whether he is discussing IT Strategy or OWASP TOP 10 coding practices or firewall rules, he fees right at home. MA is Lead Trainer and Consultant for LiquidNexxus

Our Experts

A small sample of our experts

Information & Payment Security

Master in Information Technology Management. , Coordinator of the "IT Security Techniques" Committee of the ISO in Mexico. Editor of the 27005 standard, on IT Risk Management and participant in the development of ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27002, ISO / IEC 27003, ISO / IEC 27004, among others. Editor and editor of compliance initiatives for the Federal Data Protection Law. Experience in the industry in Security projects, Information Technologies, Protection of Personal Data, Business Continuity, Best Practices and Software Development. Lead certified auditor in Information Security Management Systems, Services Management, IT Governance, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

PF, Self Service Specialist

Qualified as a Banker with AIB certification PF has a wealth of experience in ATMs , and general knowledge of Self Service solutions in the financial industry that can help banks across the globe, he also has experience in security; this involves understanding crimes around self-service and cards, and recommending protection solutions. Qualified as a Banker with AIB certification Mr F has a wealth of experience in ATMs , and general knowledge of Self Service solutions in the financial industry that can help banks across the globe, he also has experience in security; this involves understanding crimes around self-service and cards, and recommending protection solutions.

VA, Card Risk and Fraud Specialist

V is an independent consultant currently pursuing consulting and advisory engagements with financial institutions where he leverages his extensive card and fraud management expertise to advise clients on minimizing risk. V is an advisor and lead trainer with LiquidNexxus, the global leader in payment risk and security training. For over 7 years V was responsible for Regional Risk & Data Security Management at VISA International where he covered the full African Continent (33 countries), this role has given him unparalleled knowledge of the challenges faced by issuers and acquirers as well as the most effective methods to combat and handle risk and fraud.