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  • Posted by: admin
  • United Kingdom
  • On April 12, 2017, 10:57 a.m.

The European ATM Security Team (EAST) has just published a European ATM Crime Report covering 2016 which reports that ATM black box attacks took place in ten countries.

A total of 58 such attacks were reported, up from 15 during 2015, a 287% increase.  ‘Black Box’ is the connection of an unauthorised device which sends dispense commands directly to the ATM cash dispenser in order to ‘cash-out’ the ATM.  Related losses were down 39%, from €0.74 million to €0.45 million.

EAST Executive Director Lachlan Gunn said, "While the rise in black box attacks is a concern, we are pleased to note that many of these attacks were not successful.  In 2015, to help the industry counter such attacks, our EAST Expert Group on ATM Fraud (EGAF) worked with Europol to produce a document entitled ‘Guidance & recommendations regarding logical attacks on ATMs’.  At our third global Financial Crime & Security (FCS) Forum, which will be held in The Hague on 8th/9th June 2017, EAST EGAF will lead a proactive breakout session during which black box attacks will be discussed.”

ATM related fraud attacks increased by 26%, up from 18,738 in 2015 to 23,588 in 2016.  This rise was mainly driven by a 147% increase in Transaction Reversal Fraud (up from 5,104 to 12,581 incidents).  The downward trend for card skimming continues with 3,315 card skimming incidents reported, down 20% from 4,131 in 2015.  This is the lowest number of skimming incidents reported since 2005.

Losses due to ATM related fraud attacks were up 2% when compared with 2015 (up from €327 million to €332 million).  The Asia-Pacific region and the USA are where the majority of such losses were reported.  Domestic skimming losses rose 24% over the same period. (up from €44 million to €53 million).

ATM related physical attacks rose 12% when compared with 2015 (up from 2,657 to 2,974 incidents).  Within this total ATM explosive attacks (including explosive gas and solid explosive attacks) were up 47% from the previous year (up from 673 to 988 incidents).  Losses due to ATM related physical attacks were €49 million, unchanged from the previous year. 

The average cash loss for a ram raid or burglary attack is estimated at €14,890, the average cash loss per explosive attack is €17,403 and the average cash loss for a robbery is €20,293.  These figures do not take into account collateral damage to equipment or buildings, which can be significant and often exceeds the value of the cash lost in successful attacks.

A summary of the report statistics under the main headings is in the table below.  The full report, with breakdowns for each crime category, is available to EAST members and subscribers.



ATM Related Fraud Attacks






% +/- 15/16

Total reported Incidents







Total reported losses








ATM Related Physical Attacks






% +/- 15/16

Total reported Incidents







Total reported losses








ATM Malware & Logical Attacks






% +/- 15/16

Total reported Incidents







Total reported losses









Background data on the Report & EAST follow.  For further information and a PDF copy of the report (Media only) please contact the EAST Executive Director Lachlan Gunn:
Email    Tel: + 44 131 5100268


EUROPEAN ATM CRIME REPORT 2016 Period: January to December 2016

The above release is based on a report prepared twice-yearly by EAST to provide an overview of the European ATM crime situation for law enforcement officers and EAST members, using statistics provided from 21 European states.  The following countries, with an estimated total installed base of 375,361ATMs, supplied full or partial information for this report:

Austria;  Belgium;  Cyprus;  Czech Republic;  Denmark;  Finland;  France;  Germany;  Greece;  Ireland;  Italy;  Liechtenstein;  Luxembourg;  Netherlands;  Norway;  Portugal;  Romania;  Spain;  Sweden;  Switzerland;  United Kingdom.

EAST intends to obtain such information from all 28 European Union states as well as from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. 

EAST has taken reasonable measures to develop the Report this press release is based on and to report in a fair, reasonable, open, and objective manner.  However, EAST makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the completeness of the underlying data.  In addition, as the information in the report has been passed to EAST by other parties, errors or mistakes may exist or be discovered.  Neither EAST nor its members, authors, or agents shall be liable for any loss, damage, or claim with respect to any such information being provided.  All such liabilities, including direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages, are expressly disclaimed and excluded.


Founded in February 2004 EAST is a ‘non-profit’ organisation whose National Members are committed to gathering information from, and disseminating EAST outputs to, ATM deployers and networks within their countries/regions.  While the main focus of EAST is on ATMs, the Group also focuses on all payment terminals that have a direct impact on crime perpetrated at ATM locations.

Our mission is to gather and provide information to the European ATM industry and to facilitate effective representation of ATM related security issues at relevant European central institutions, through a pan-European co-ordination of ATM security resources.

EAST has set up a framework network structure to improve co-operation with industry, law enforcement, and in particular Europol, in order to achieve awareness and better results in the fight against organized cross-border crime.  EAST National Members represent 35 countries with a total deployment of 1,454,182 ATMs.

The EAST Expert Group on ATM Fraud (EGAF), formed in May 2013, provides a European specialist expert forum for discussion of ATM related fraud trends, fraud methodologies and counter-measures. Through a system of ATM Fraud Alerts EAST EGAF is able to communicate important and timely information to its National and Associate Members.

The EAST Expert Group on ATM Physical Attacks (EGAP), formed in May 2014, provides a European specialist expert forum for discussion of ATM related physical attack trends, attack methodologies and counter-measures.  Through a system of ATM Physical Attack Alerts EAST EGAP is able to communicate important and timely information to its National and Associate Members.

The EAST Payments Task Force (EPTF), launched in January 2016, provides a European specialist forum for discussion of security issues affecting the payments industry and for the gathering, collation and dissemination of related information and statistics.

The third EAST Financial Crime and Security (FCS) Forum will be held on 8th/9th June 2017 in The Hague.  EAST FCS 2017 offers a new format, to facilitate better discussion with peers and a greater number of networking opportunities.  More information can be found at

More information on EAST can be found at

Source: .EAST.


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