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LiquidNexxus has joined the ATM Security Association as a member, the company will participate in the cross-industry collaboration within the association’s various working groups in order to contribute its expertise in ATM security and contribute to the development of global industry security standards and best practices.

“We are delighted to join the ATM Security Association and thereby engage ourselves to work proactively on minimizing ATM-related risks and achieve greater effectiveness in the fight of deployers, manufacturers, vendors and other organizations against the evolving problem of ATM fraud. We look forward to contributing our expertise and experience in this field” said Lucas Allen, CEO, LiquidNexxus.

“We welcome LiquidNexxus into the ATM Security Association and are happy that the company will apply its knowledge and skills in our activities. Our expert working groups will benefit greatly from LiquidNexxus’ vast experience in payment systems, security, and risk training. Their contribution will further strengthen the cooperation of key players within our association and help us take on today’s and tomorrow’s ATM security challenges” says Norichika Miyamoto, Board Member of the ATM Security Association.

The ATM Security Association was established to bring global ATM manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, IADs, financial institutions and other relevant parties together with the purpose of enhancing security. The goals of the association include the development of security standards focused on the self-service channel including hardware & software-related threats, physical and logical attacks encompassing the complete ATM environment that can have a direct impact on secure usage and operations.
The objectives and benefits of the association are to

  • Provide faster and more comprehensive information and knowledge-sharing on recognized attack scenarios and threats
  • Enable proactive, cross-vendor recommendations on countermeasures
  • Offer participation in workgroups with other ATM industry stakeholders for members to gain early insights into future recommendations and influence the development of new security solutions
  • Participate in standardization processes and shape the development of industry best practices

About LiquidNexxus
LiquidNexxus is the market leader in payment systems, security and compliance training. Our core team of research and business development professionals working closely with specialists and subject matter experts to create, promote and deliver timely training and awareness. LiquidNexxus has trained thousands of professionals from hundreds of organizations from over 96 countries. Specialties include promoting and delivering industry leading training including key topics such as PCI Standards, ATM and POS security, e-Commerce Payments, Card Business Management, ATM Management and Maintenance, Secure Coding Best Practices, Mobile Payment System Security and more. For additional information visit www.liquid-nexxus.com


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