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The ATM Security Association announces its support for the event

Held for the second consecutive year, the Latin American Forum on Payment System Security (SMP 2016) will take place on November 23 and 24, 2016 in Bogotá (Colombia). The event (named in Spanish “II Foro Latinoamericano de Seguridad en Medios de Pago”) was founded and is co-organised by ATEFI (The Latin American Payment Network Association) and LiquidNexxus (the global leader in payment system training and awareness) with the objective of improving levels of knowledge of risks in payment systems in Latin America.  

One of the key players supporting the event is the ATM Security Association, which was established to enable co-operation between ATM manufacturers, suppliers, operators, financial institutions and other organizations concerned with the security of ATMs with the objective to develop global industry security standards as well as industry best practices. At SMP 2016, the ATM Security Association will present the benefits of cross-industry collaboration in the fight against organized crime and as well as the progress the association has made since its foundation in 2014.

The ATM Security Association will be represented at the event by Lucas Allen, CEO of LiquidNexxus, its latest member. “I am honoured to have been asked to represent the Association on this occasion, I am sure that all the attendees will find the purpose and objectives of this initiative inspiring and will see the benefits of becoming members” says Lucas Allen.

Jörg Engelhardt, CFO/CMO of the ATM Security Association, adds: “We believe that this important event will support us in growing awareness that cross-industry co-operation is key to take effective countermeasures against current and future ATM security threats. Our particular thanks go to ATEFI and Liquid Nexxus for providing us with this opportunity to offer major players in Latin America insights into the activities of our organization.”


Ensuring the security of payment systems

The success of financial institutions depends increasingly on their ability to adapt and communicate, as well as the options they offer to their clients.  All of these factors are dependent on a constantly evolving electronic payments infrastructure. Many modern banking systems have had to adapt quickly.  Sometimes this need for change has been undertaken without considering the potential risks involved. Often the security of these systems has not been a priority, and is overlooked in favour of other commercial activities. Currently these payment systems are under constant attack from both external and internal threats. Attacks vary in their complexity, often resulting in losses that affect confidence in banking ad payment systems. Because of this, it is imperative payment systems are designed to guarantee confidentiality and integrity of transactions and ensure information privacy, as well as allowing information security professionals to be able to incorporate the latest trends, risks and new technologies. 


This 2nd SMP will bring together more than 150 key professionals from the major ATM and POS networks, banks, regulators and service providers from Latin America as well as global leaders in the field.


For more information on the event visit the site: http://ln2x.com/Events/1611SMP.html 


About LiquidNexxus

​LiquidNexxus is the market leader in payment systems, security and compliance training. Our core team of research and business development professionals working closely with specialists and subject matter experts to create, promote and deliver timely training and awareness. LiquidNexxus has trained thousands of ​ ​professionals from hundreds of organizations from over 96 countries. Specialties ​​include promoting and delivering industry leading training including key topics such as PCI Standards, ATM and POS security, e-Commerce Payments, Card Business Management, ATM Management and Maintenance, Secure Coding Best Practices, Mobile Payment System Security and more. For additional information visit www.liquid-nexxus.com 


​About the ATM Security Association

The ATM Security Association is dedicated to improving ATM security. The association aims to compile information on recognized and potential attack scenarios on ATMs and share that information with specific industry groups to rapidly develop and implement countermeasures at a global level.


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