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How "The ATM Security Training" actually helps companies, a real-life Testimonial - An interview with one of LiquidNexxus Training attendees.

"One of the core values at LiquidNexxus is to provide comprehensive and practical training that can be implemented within organisations particular environment. Courses are updated regularly and participant feedback is a core part of continual improvement process. Its very rewarding when clients get in touch to let us know about the actual, real-life benefits they have achieved by implementing what they have learned during one of our sessions"

JF is an IT Audit Manager working within the Internal Audit Department in a Medium-sized bank in the Middle-East. JF attended the ATM Security Training in the region a few months ago along with other participants from the bank. 

Lucas Allen, Managing Director, LiquidNexxus recent spoke to JF and he mentioned how useful the ATM Security Course had been for him and his audit team, he mentioned that guidance provided gave a foundation for reviewing their policies in face of emerging threats to their ATMs. The actual results of the report were praised by the banks General Manager and led to significant changes in the banks policies and security measures

So we asked "JF can you put that in writing!" he said "gladly". Here are the results: 

"...How are you doing? Well that’s the truth! The ATM Security training was of great benefit."

The material provided helped me with my ATM audits that covered all aspects (physical and logical security, marketing requirements, ATM installation, EMV Compliance, insurance, Cash Transfer, Monitoring, Management, etc.).
I was able to go into details from choosing the location to all types of physical and logical security issues

The examples provided and the videos shown during the training really enhanced the understanding of the security requirements. It showed the importance of ATMs, how critical their security is, how, who and why to secure your ATM and its surroundings, how to implement, overview of fraud types, policies and procedures for transfer of cash, insurance requirements, etc.

From an Audit perspective it is really hard to find a benchmark to base your work upon especially with such critical activities; but with the ATM security training and the material provided; I was able to rely on a benchmark/methodology that is tangible and covers even how the screw must be installed.

Therefore, I was able to contribute to enhance my bank's physical and logical security measure; alert other departments, such as marketing, of their role in the security process; enhance/how to improve our bank’s brand/name, and provide the administration installation requirements as well as insurance requirements.

N.B: As a final thought, the ATM project involved many departments that enhanced the internal communication and management.

The training dealt from A to Z of the ATMs.
I guess that sums it all."

JF (CCE, CCNP), Internal Audit Department - IT Audit, Infrastructure, MIDDLE EAST BANK

LiquidNexxus updates and improves its ATM Security Training regularly, we hold external sessions globally as well as provide inhouse custom training and consultancy on this important topic. More information


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