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  • Ohio , USA
  • On March 8, 2014, midnight
Ohio-based The Timken Company, a global steel and bearing manufacturer and supplier, is notifying current and former associates and job applicants of a data security breach that occurred on January 30 and was discovered February 19. The breach occurred when a file containing personal information was stored on a server normally used for interchange of non-confidential information with third parties. Personal information in the file included names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and results of employment hearing screening. A letter to those affected signed by company officers Donald L. Walker and Daniel E. Muller informed recipients that there had been one unauthorized access to the file on January 30, but the company had no evidence of any misuse of the information. Recipients were offered a year of credit monitoring with Experian ProtectMyID.
The incident affected 4,983 individuals in 32 U.S. states plus 4 individuals residing abroad. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office was notified of the breach on March 4.
Source: .Databreaches.net


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