Excellence in card business operations and implementation

The course is designed to cover all of the operational areas in a card and merchant environment. It examines the current processes, the timescales involved and the impacts that have to be met and the impacts of the new technologies such as EMV and PCI DSS.

Organisations operate in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. This course covers some of the key success factors for achieving operational excellence, providing a unique and practical insight into all of the issues which affect the success of a new (and existing) card operations.

Card Operations Training

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Improve your new or established card operation
Manage and encourage innovation in your card operation
Understand the full operational implications and processes of the card business
Benchmark your current processes and technology
Get expert advice from one of the most experience Card Operations specialists in the world

Who should attend ?

The training session focuses on technical issues, see the agenda for a full overview. Suitable for those concerned with coordinating, managing, and/or implementing PCI Compliance within their organisation, namely:

Card Business Managers, Operations Managers, Card Operations, Payment Systems
CSOs, CIO, CISO, System Security Executives, Software Developers
Information Security Managers, Compliance Managers
IT Audit, Payment Cards, Payment Systems or similar.

Why attend ?

A unique opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into Card Business Operations;
Our unique approach is not only theoretical but provides a truly unique opportunity to learn from global industry experts with hands-on experience
LiquidNexxus provides a completely neutral perspective as even our own trainers are prevented from selling or soft-selling their products & services. Our sole objective is to ensure attendees gain real practical knowledge;
Learn firsthand the essentials of Card Business Operations from setup through risk management and dealing with card schemes;
Hear about others experiences and progress in their projects and gain valuable knowledge through interactions with your peers;
Save time and reduce costs by asking the expert about your specific challenges;


Hundreds of delegates from all over the world have attended LiquidNexxus training sessions. Here are some testimonials related to this course/event.

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Application Process
Collect all of the additional profile data you can
Provide the bank with a better and more complete profile of cardholders and merchants
KYC and KYB requirements
Credit Checks and UN Sanctions list

Accounts for Cardholders and Merchants

Set Up of Account
Issuance of Cards
Maintenance of Account
Names, Addresses, etc:
Debits, Credits and Payments
Closure of Accounts


Online, email, cardholder or merchant portals

Scheme Interfaces

Authorisations, Clearing and Settlement, Reporting

Disputes and Chargebacks

Reason codes, Chargebacks
Representments, Pre-Arbitration


30 days, 60 days, 90 days,
Dunning Letters, Hand of the Collection Agencies
Court Proceedings

Risk Management

Profiling (Authorisations, Account Profitability, Collections, Fraud)
Enterprise Risk Managment (ERM)

Fraud Monitoring

What you monitor
How you monitor
Rules, Neural Networks and Basien technology Risk engines, Fraud Analytics, Fraud Follow Up, Law Enforcement

Acquiring Functions

POS Terminal Installation, control and updating
Consumables supply
ATM installation, control, maintenance, and updating.
ATM monitoring
Terminal Management Systems
Mobile Terminals

Scheme Membership

Principal Members
Associate Members
BIN Sharing Members

Scheme Requirements

Clearing and Settlement
Interchange Fees

New Certifications Impacts


Impact of EMV on Operations

Disputes and Chargebacks
Fraud Monitoring
Transaction Certificates and other relevant chip data elements


Card Operations Training



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