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As the card and electronic payments businesses evolve, so too do techniques employed by fraudsters. This means that card issuers and acquirers must review and improve their fraud management and risk mitigation capabilities accordingly. Increasingly, the card not present scenario, such as shopping on the internet poses a greater threat as the merchant is no longer protected with advantages of physical verification such as signature check, photo identification, etc. It is imperative to ensure risk mitigation measures are in place as threats evolve.

Card Fraud Prevention Training is designed for card payments, fraud, compliance and specialists focused or whom have an impact on preventing fraud within their organisations in general but also specifically in relation to electronic payment channels. The interactive training session focuses on managing risk and preventing fraud in relation to electronic payments taking into account the inherent risks faced in today's constantly evolving business environment.

Card Fraud Prevention Training - Cairo

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Interact with fellow industry professionals
Benchmark your organisation's approach to card fraud
Discover best practices and innovative techniques to help combat card fraud

Why attend ?

Gain a unique understanding of Card Fraud risks and prevention techniques
Understand how to mitigate Physical (ATM/POS) Risks and Online (e-Commerce, Payment Applications) Risks.
Learn about trends in Europe and other regions related to Card Fraud and how this affects your organisation. Be ahead of the trend and the competition.
Gain understanding of PCI DSS, PTS, PA DSS, EMV and other important standards.
LiquidNexxus provides a completely neutral perspective as even our own trainers are prevented from selling or soft-selling their products & services. Our sole objective is to ensure attendees gain real practical knowledge
Hear about others experiences and progress gaining valuable knowledge through interactions with your peers.
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Who attends ?

Suitable for those concerned with coordinating, managing, and/or implementing Card Fraud Prevention including:

Fraud Prevention
Merchant Liaison
Card Business
Retail Banking
Customer Service
Card Centre
...amongst others


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Day 1

Defining Stakeholders, Roles & Responsibilities

Card brands
Card issuers
Transaction acquirers
Third party processors (middle men)

Evolution of card industry and relevant standards

Card design
Technical requirements

How to manage Credit Risk

Application Processing
Application fraud
Credit Scoring
Managing Card Risk

ATM Fraud

Lost/stolen cards
Card skimming
Card trapping
Overview of prevention methods

POS Fraud

Types of POS Fraud
Hardware manipulation (POS)
Card Cloning / Skimming
Typical POS Fraud Scenarios
Educating the end user – Merchants

CNP Fraud

Types of CNP Fraud
Account takeover
Merchant collusion and triangulation

Day 2

CNP Fraud Prevention & Detection

Recruitment policy
Manual review
Negative/positive lists
CNP authentication methods

Card Data Fraud (Security Breaches)

External compromise and trends
The Underground Card Fraud market
Top attack vectors
Prevention through simple controls

Internal Fraud

Methods of internal fraud

Card Fraud Investigation Methodology

Document/evidence examination.

Adopting Industry Standards: Compliance

ISO 27001

Enforcement through Policies & procedures

Policies and Controls
Creating a Fraud Prevention Culture


The Egyptian Banking Institute

22 A, Dr. Anwar El Mofty St., Tiba 2000 Bldg, Cairo, Egypt, Cairo Egypt


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